The Podcasters’ Roundtable: PR062: RSS Feeds

The Podcasters’ Roundtable: PR062: RSS Feeds

I was, once again, invited to join the Podcasters’ Roundtable with the mighty Ray Ortega and the venerable Daniel J. Lewis, this time to chat RSS feeds.


RSS feeds aren’t as scary as they use to be, mainly because there are so many services out there that will help you create your feed. It’s a pretty rare thing to find a hand coded RSS feed. OUCH! Blurry, Libsyn, Spreaker, Feedburner, why would you waste your time?

We are content creators, not techs (well, I’m not speaking for myself since I float between the left and right brain, but hey).

Anyway, we don’t get to heavy on the tech. You want that? Go visit me over at Libsyn Live. We talk about different services, how to pick a service for you, even what you should focus on when trying to pick a service. Oh yea, and does Google really hate RSS?

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