Krystal O’Connor

User Focused | Data Driven | Problem Solver

I am a senior product manager and team leader focused on identifying and solving problems for users. I obsess over usage data, user flows, and friction points as well as talking directly to users and cataloging insights to determine what to build next.

Krystal O'Connor

User Focused

Compromised user experiences introduce friction that can restrict user conversion on sales flows, or prevent feature onboarding. Excellent user experiences delight users and improves user retention.

Data Informed

While data isn’t ever the entire story, it gives huge insights into where friction might occur, what features are and aren’t being used, and what core functionality your users are driven to most. 

First We Test

It’s easy to jump on the feature factory wagon, but resist the urge! Take the time up front to validate and test ideas with your users, reducing development on ideas that don’t deliver value.


I’m a HUGE fan of beta testing. Engaging a core group of excited users into trying something new makes your users feel special, while feeding your team important data on bugs, sentiment, and viability. 


Starting with an MVP reduces engineering requirements to get that first iteration out the door and in the hands of users. 


Learning from data and testing after an MVP launch gives insight on what to build, add, or fix next. Iterations allow for quicker, faster rollouts and updates that keeps users happy, engaged, and excited for what’s next. 

Make Your Users a Priority.

I certainly will.

I am a firm believer that at the end of the day, it is the users who own the product. Why? Because if it doesn’t make their lives better, then they won’t buy the product and your business case goes out the window.

My ultimate north star is to focus on supplying the user with what they need in a way that works best for them and in a way that can be monetized and drive value to the business.