Hi! I’m Krystal.

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My name is Krystal O’Connor, and I hail from the great state of Pennsylvania. The short story is first and foremost, I am a wife and a mom, which I love more than anything in this world. As a professional, well, I’m a complete tech-nerd. Outside of the office, I’ve pursued various hobbies including music, horse back riding, running and the shooting sports.

My Current Work

Krystal with GunnerCurrently, I work at Libsyn, which stands for Liberated Syndication. Libsyn has been in business since 2004 as a full featured podcast hosting and distribution company offering plans as low as $5 per month and scaling up through enterprise, offering unlimited growth and plenty of features and monetization opportunities to go around.

A podcast is audio or video (think your AM/FM radio or TV stations), syndicated over the internet. This could be a traditional radio show, a traditional TV show, a movie, a how to tutorial, news, any kind of audio or video media accessed by listeners and viewers using the internet, instead of cable TV or AM/FM radio. A more technical definition would be audio or video media generated in episodic format syndicated online.

I began work at Libsyn in December, 2010, working in the support team. As with any job, as time went on I picked up a number of additional duties. Along with providing podcasters with the technical support they need, I generate all the tutorials for and fully managed the Libsyn Knowledge Base as well as produced and managed content for the Libsyn YouTube Channel.


I previously produced and was a cohost for the Libsyn Live video series, which was an occasional, live Q&A open to the public providing answers in all things related to podcasting. This series has been published in a number of ways, including as an audio podcast, video podcast, and currently via Libsyn’s educational YouTube channel.


I’ve moved on to the world of product, and have been operating as the principle product manager. Advocating for an Agile mindset, I’ve worked to bring processes, communication, and people together in a way that focuses on the podcaster and their needs while increasing efficiency, testing, and iteration. I’ve brought on additional team members including several product managers, design, and documentation as we begin to build out our product division.

There is something incredibly rewarding about working with a team of brilliant people to come up with solutions that make the lives of your users so much easier, following it all the way through going to market, and watching users use that thing and love that thing. It’s that satisfaction of knowing tat what you and your team accomplished was useful.

On behalf of Libsyn, I attend trade shows on occasion, Including the NMX/NAB show that occurs in Las Vegas in April every year, Podcast Movement, Content Marketing World, and others.

How I got here ????