Krystal Speaks Geek on She Podcasts!

Krystal Speaks Geek on She Podcasts!

I had the opportunity to join Elsie Escobar on her show, She Podcasts, to talk backups.


What does that even mean?

Backups to podcasters means the traditional, running fully system backups, incremental backups, up to the cloud or to an external hard drive, backups in the traditional sense of having a snapshot of your system should it ever break. But, backups to podcasters also means managing a large number of very large files, and which of those files they need to keep and which ones they edit and which ones they produce. Backups to podcasters also means making sure they are maintaining backups of those particular files, and not using their media host as their backup.

I also get to geek out a little bit on iPad Pro’s, apps, and ‘carry purses’ for carrying my gear wherever my son takes me, so I can still get work done.

Thanks so much to Elsie for having me on, it’s always a fun time!

Be sure to check out the full show notes for links to all the apps and services that were discussed on the episode. Also be sure to subscribe, especially if you are a podcaster, on iTunes.