Podcamp Pittsburgh 2016 Talks

Once again, it is the end of summer and time for Podcamp in Pittsburgh. This year, I’ve gone a LITTLE crazy (just a little) and put together three… count them… three sessions on podcasting. The video for each is below. Enjoy!

Podcasting 101/201

Podcasting 101/201 will dig into the basics you need to get your show up and running, and keeping you podcasting. We’ll dig into hardware from microphones to headphones, mixers and accessories, and what you ACTUALLY need. Then we’ll move into the software, RSS feeds, why we need one, and how to get one. Lastly, we’ll put all the pieces together, and prepare for getting our first episodes out the door.


–What hardware do I really need, and how do I pick from all the options for MY application?
–What software do I really need and how do I get it all setup?
–How do I get my first episodes recorded, edited, and out to podcast directories?

Podcasting 301

Podcasting 301 will offer a discussion on all the things you wish you knew regarding podcasting. Getting found in iTunes, does New & Noteworthy actually matter, submitting to other directories (such as Google Play Music), what links to create on your site to up subscriber conversions, and other tips that will help you grow and engage with your audience, and other best practices with regards to creating your content.


–Offering best practices tips and tricks for content creation
–What really matters with regards to podcast directories and getting found?
–How to setup your website for subscription conversions

Tracking Your Podcast Growth

Tracking Your Podcast Growth will discuss all the numbers we associate with our podcasts, and what those numbers mean. Our stats help us determine if our listenership is growing, where those listeners are coming from, and can affect how we talk about our shows with potential sponsors. Other numbers from social, your website, even your e-mail newsletter can also have an overall impact. We’ll even get into what is worth worrying about, what isn’t, and how often we actually should check our numbers (no need to join stats anonymous).


–Define the different metrics associated with our podcast stats
–Learn how to evaluate those numbers
–Discover what the average numbers are for a typical podcast, and what these numbers mean for sponsors

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