An Evening with Podcamp

I had the honor of being invited by Michael Sorg (@sorgatron) to speak with Pittsburgh Podcamp’ers about the current state of podcasting, Spotify entering the podcasting realm, and take questions from the audience about podcasting.

The event was held at a co-work establishment in the Allentown section of Pittsburgh called The Hardware Store. This place is pretty neat. The space provides desk space, utilities, and otherwise the area you need as a freelancer or entrepreneur to get your business off the ground. In the downstairs area, they have an entire podcast studio with video and audio capabilities, the hardware you would need, green screens, staging, the whole nine.

If there is a tech service you need from WordPress customizations to podcast producers, you might look up some of the folks working out of the Hardware Store. Also, registration for Podcamp Pittsburgh is OPEN! Podcamp Pittsburgh is being held August 15th and 16th at Point Park University.

I look forward to seeing you there. 🙂

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